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The Vital Verdict

The big question is, ‘Is Jesus Christ truly the Son of God’? What are the options, answers, or possibilities to these questions, and what are the ramifications to its reality?

To say you are the Son of God is a monumental statement. To voluntarily be executed for this claim is more incredible.What is the supporting evidence to prove He is the Son of God?

The 3 possible answers to the question, ‘Is Jesus Christ the Son of God?’

     1. He is a madman suffering from psychosis.

Psychosis (a severe mental disorder, one suffering with delusion). People suffering from psychosis are unable to think rationally, communicate effectively, or have any mental or emotional stability. The Words & Message of Jesus Christ are perhaps the most rational, profound teachings ever taught since time began. Clear, concise, and relevant instructions for life, love, marriage, family, morality, worship.
Jesus’ ability to create a leadership team of 12 Apostles who went on to change the world. Jesus’ ability to confound the scribes, Pharisees, and lawyers of His day even at the age of 12. The sermon on the Mount has been called the most comprehensive dialogue of love for mankind ever written – Matthew 5:3-16

Clearly Jesus was not a madman or a person suffering from psychosis.

     2. He is a compulsive liar who has deceived us all.

A liar is someone who builds are life on falsehoods and incorrect truths. Lies are always sooner or later uncovered because they lack factual foundations. Jesus declared God’s Word and came to fulfill scripture. More than 500 prophecies pertaining to the Son of God found in the Old Testament were fulfilled by the time Jesus Christ had been crucified. His statement to heal the sick was fulfilled in countless examples. His statement to build His Church is fulfilled today 2,000 years later. His statement to rise from the dead was fulfilled to prove His deity. This fact is important because sin which separates us from God must be dealt with and if it’s not then the consequences are gravely eternal. The voluntary death of at least 10 of the Apostles who were with Jesus. Surely if what they witness was false they would not have kept their testimony – 1 Corinthians 15:1-6

Clearly Jesus was not a liar or a person who built a life on falsehoods.

      3. He truly is the Son of God.

Jesus fulfilled scripture and prophecy. The Bible says that Jesus came preaching, teaching & healing.
– Preaching calls attention to truth.
– Teaching explains truth.
– Healing demonstrates truth.

Jesus constantly, consistently and concisely declares He is the Son of God and that only through faith in Him is one ’born-again’ and receives eternal life. The inner witness and reality that I feel today, that I know that I know I am saved is not an isolated experience but something that right now over 1 Billion people in the world have. ‘You can fool some people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.’ Matthew 16:13-18


So what is the Final Verdict? Jesus is the Christ! The big question: What is the meaning of life is answered…To prepare for eternity!

The consequences of a life with God and being wrong are….
– A safe life with clearly defined Biblical boundaries.
– An inner joy and peace shared by millions.
– A great life filled with friendship, celebration, and contentment.

The consequence of a life without God and being wrong are….
– A fearful life with no clearly defined boundaries.
– An empty void within your soul that things cannot fill.
– No promise of forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life.
– Separation from God and the reality of living in Hell for eternity.

Jesus said…”You must be born-again” to see or enter the Kingdom of God.

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