The subject of breaking curses and deliverance is a vast one which covers many areas. The Quadrants of Deliverance is to help identify the most common areas requiring ministry.

The 4 main areas in which CURSES originate and DEMONS dominate are the following.


1. DISOBEDIENCE to God’s Word, parents, authority and Church etc.

2. SELF-CURSES through negative words like ‘I’m no good’, ‘I can never afford nice things’, ‘I will never find love’, ‘my back is killing me’ or ‘I’m dying to go’.

3. PRONOUNCED CURSES by someone through casting a spell, vex or curse due to jealousy, anger, resentment or hate by an individual.

4. GENERATIONAL CURSES through the parental bloodline involving the above.

Curses need to be renounced, rescinded and broken through prayer and by applying the Blood of Jesus to break the continual oppression curses bring.
Then in the second Quadrant you have the carriers of these curses that bring affliction and harassment to a person which are evil spirits or demons.


1. UNBELIEVING SPIRITS Disbelieving in God and His Word, mocking God, arrogance, pride and confusion towards the Holy Bible.

2. UNCLEAN SPIRITS Fornication (sexual relations outside of the covenenant of marriage), death, abuse, trauma and unholy practices.

3. SPIRITS OF INFIRMITY Including sickness, disease, unexplained illnesses, mental and or emotional problems.

4. OCCULT SPIRITS Including involvement in the New Age, astrology, clairvoyants, tarot cards, false religions which deny Christ, witchcraft, black magic, seances, spiritisms etc.

These spirits need to be RESISTED or CAST OUT. They can not be removed any other way and this is why Jesus repeatedly insists His disciples and Church at large to ‘cast out evil spirits’.