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Planted in God’s House

The word planted means: being stationary, permanent. When something is planted, it does not move around. It is in a fixed location. It is not God’s will for us to be continually moving around. A tree must be planted to bear much fruit.

Many Christians live off Conferences (Mixed Messages).
Many Christian live off Christian Television. (Don’t want to answer to anyone)
Many Christians live off House-Church Meetings. (Offence and Independence)
All of these lack one element and that is accountability and submission.

The Greek Word for Church is ekklesia ‘a calling out or assembly’.
The scriptures says that those who are planted will flourish: to break forth as a bud,
in other words to breakthrough! To blossom and to spread.
Verse 14 say’s ‘rich & flourishing’ Hebrew – rich & fertile.
The Church we go to is important because it is where we grow.

7 Ways you will know you are in the right Church!

Mathew 6:8 “Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him”

1. You will have a witness in your spirit.
– A peace and sense of excitement that you are in the right place.

2. You will be spiritually challenged.
– Am I being challenged to believe more, stirred up out of my comfort zone etc.

3. You will fit in with the congregation.
– You will fit and flow. Your gifts will be expressed. You assimilate easily.

4. You will agree with the Church vision.
– ‘How can two walk together if they are not in agreement’ Amos 3:3

5. You will be equipped to do God’s will.
– You will be equipped to fulfill the vision. Given the opportunity to be involved in it.

6. You will find spiritual food to eat.
– The Word will be taught effectively to feed your life.

7. You will have a sense of belonging.
– You will have a feeling that you are amongst family.

The sooner you make a decision to be planted in a Church the sooner you will begin to grow, develop, and bear fruit for God’s Kingdom.

Category: Christian Living