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In God We Trust

So what or who can be trusted and what are their credentials for trusting in?

The whole idea that we can trust in an invisible God to meet our needs, direct our lives, guide our affairs is to some quite ridiculous.
Trust in God will bring a rest that only God can give. A lack of trust will always lead to compromise.

Compromise is dangerous because it settles for 2nd best, sometimes it causes sin but most of the time it betrays & restricts God in your life. Taking a wrong detour to get their quicker sometimes ends in disaster. Most people stop at red lights but many who are impatient will go through them to get to their destination quicker, this is at a huge risk!

TRUST – Belief, confidence, dependence, faith, the expectation on someone, or something to meet your needs wholly, completely, without fear of failure.

COMPROMISE – A settlement based on concessions. A happy medium. An agreement not based on the actual real need but based on what the person is prepared to do even if it means going against one’s real belief or true desire.

Once faith has been activated, trust must be applied
You can only trust what is right – God’s Word must be the base.


1. MY FUTURE – Isaiah 55:8, Proverbs 22:4

When I got saved I made a decision to move into My Pastor’s home for a season. This was a major culture shock but I trusted God had a purpose. I took a path – a major decision was taken which affected my future. Text: Daniel 3:8-25

2. MY LOVE LIFE – Genesis 2:18, 2 Corinthians 6:11-18

It’s not surprising with so many divorces in Australia, approx 1,000 per week that many people jump into wrong relationships because they fail to trust God. After I was saved I had to make another decision and that was to trust God. I dealt with the idea of compromise this meant dealing with the idea of being alone. A season to focus and renew my thinking about life & relationships. In God’s plan, it was essential that I meet Lissa, my wife!

3. MY FINANCES – Isaiah 48:17, Malachi 3

This was easy because when I got saved I had nothing. I discovered the principle of tithing and giving. Many who find it hard to give also find it hard to trust.  2 Kings 4:1-7


When we live with trust we will also live in a rest that only God can give.

Category: Grace