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7 Keys to Life

Psalm 37: 1-9 In this great psalm I would like to highlight 7 key words which are keys to life in your walk with God. Once again let me encourage you to meditate upon these scriptures and allow the Spirit of God to give you revelation of it’s power.

We must make God our hope in the way of duty and then we shall have a comfortable subsistence in this world, v. 3. (1.) It is required that we trust in the Lord and do good, that we confide in God and conform to him. The life of religion lies much in a believing reliance on God, his favour, his providence, his promise, his grace, and a diligent care to serve him and our generation, according to his will.

DO NOT FRET. verse 1. This is a command not to be overly concerned about the world and those who appear to be doing well. If we measure ourselves to people doing well we will always get disappointed. It’s God’s Word that determines our self worth. You are special to God, be happy in who you are. If you are not happy then make positive changes that will bring you to the place you want to be. Read Matthew 6:31

TRUST. verse 3. Confidence in God comes from a deep relationship with Him and then acting on His Word. So many people are bound in life with fear and anxiety because they have still failed to develop a relationship with the Lord. People who lack trust in God are often people who still have their trust and confidence in themselves or what they possess. People of faith are people who know how to trust God in everything. Read Proverbs 3:5

DELIGHTS. verse 4. This is a major Key to Blessing. Trust is developed when we truly delight to be in God’s presence. When Church becomes something you look forward to. When Bible study and prayer are something you are eager to be involved in. You can not fake this desire. It’s easy to pick out religious addicts and those who truly beam with God’s presence in their lives. Most of the time your big-mouth usually gives you away. You see out of the heart flow the issues of life. If your mind dwells on the things of God then a joy will come, if it’s self, then self comes out in constant, never ending winging. Read Jeremiah 22:21-28

COMMIT. verse 5. Seek out God’s will and Plan for you life then bring it to God in prayer. Prayer is such a powerful tool. Praying in the Spirit is something that only born-again, covenant people can do with God. It’s a special gift and it brings tremendous results. It builds us up – Jude 20 Read Philippians 4:6

REST. verse 7. This links with verse 1, Allow God to move in your situation. Don’t be quick to act in haste just because your prayers are not answered immediately. God has a perfect timing for everyone’s life. Christianity is all about resting in God. If your life as a Christian is still consumed with fear and anxiety then something is wrong! And it’s not God! This shows a lifestyle that is out of order with God’s Word and the result is confusion and heartache. Repentance and longing to do things right is your only answer. Choose life! Read Proverbs 14:33

CEASE FROM ANGER. Verse 8. If there is fretting and a lack of rest then inevitably it will lead to anger and bitterness. This ugly root will ultimately destroy your life manifesting itself with broken relationships all around. There are people who carry around anger and bitterness all their lives. The truth is that they are angry with themselves. Frustrated and even jealous that they are not walking in the same blessing as others. It’s easy to point the finger but have a good hard look at yourself first. No one like’s to be around angry grumps. Get over it! Turn your righteous anger into something positive that will bring blessing instead of a curse. Anyway, aren’t you tired of being angro all the time? Read Ephesians 4:26

WAIT. verse 9. Waiting on God is something most people never do. I guess this comes from the society we now live in. An instant, fast, give it to me now society but the Bible say’s that wisdom, strength and understanding comes from waiting on God. Being patient and allowing God to work things out for us is the best way to live successfully. Remember a wise man once said, “a key to life is minimizing your mistakes”. Read Isaiah 40:31

Do not Fret, Trust, Delight, Commit, Rest, Cease from anger, Wait – 7 Keys to life!


With Love

Senior Pastor


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