The THEME at Awesome Church this year is: 2020 A REVIVAL YEAR!

This year our theme is 2020 A REVIVAL YEAR! And our key scripture to undergird this theme is ACTS 3:19 GCV “Repent and come to Christ so your sins will be forgiven and times of REVIVAL will come from God’s Presence.”

What an amazing promise the Bible gives us that anyone who comes to Christ and repents of their sins will be revived because of God’s overwhelming Presence that’s so powerful.

This is a promise for every person listening to the sound of my voice. God wants to REVIVE you. You may have heard of that word REVIVAL and today I want to share some truths about REVIVAL.

A REVIVAL is when you experience the Saving, Healing and Delivering power of God.
A REVIVAL is when God breathes new life into something that is dead, defeated or dismayed causing it to come alive again.
A REVIVAL is when the Holy Spirit empowers a person with fresh vision, purpose and destiny.

Jesus Christ is the great REVIVALIST who comes to…

SAVE you from SIN.

A REVIVAL is also a move of the Holy Spirit upon a Church for a specific MISSION and that is to RESCUE, RESTORE and RELEASE people from set-backs and oppression.

A REVIVAL is a time to Refocus, Realign, Recharge, Restart, Reset, Reopen, Replace, Return, Revisit, Reward, Reform, Remove and Receive from God.

Are you feeling dry, exhausted, confused, hopeless or wanting to quit and give up? if so NOW is the time for you to be REVIVED in Jesus Name!

One encounter with the Holy Spirit can cause you to come alive in the spirit and experience a fresh awakening of joy, peace, prayer and praise.

REVIVAL begins with REPENTANCE. Repentance is a turning back to God. REVIVAL brings a sense of purpose and destiny back into your life that is refreshing and life changing.

There are many Biblical examples of a REVIVAL occurring and here are just a few.

In the Book of 2 Chronicles Solomon built the Temple of the Lord. At the inauguration the Presence of the Lord came as a cloud which was so powerful that the Priests could not continue to minister. A new wave of worship, consecration and sacrifice began.

In the Book of Ezra it tells us about Jeshua the Son of Jozadak and Zerubbbabel who arose and built the altar of God. This ushered in a fresh awakening of worship which ultimately led to the building of the Temple of God.

In the Book of Nehemiah the Lord stirred up Nehemiah to rebuild the walls in Jerusalem causing a great outpouring of favour upon the people and a return to holiness unto the Lord.

In the New Testament Gospel’s they give us the account of the arrival and ministry of Jesus Christ the Messiah. A powerful revival of salvation, healing and deliverance manifested with tens of thousands of people impacted.

23 Jesus traveled all through Galilee teaching in the Jewish synagogues, everywhere preaching the Good News about the Kingdom of Heaven. And he healed every kind of sickness and disease.
24 The report of his miracles spread far beyond the borders of Galilee so that sick folk were soon coming to be healed from as far away as Syria (233km). And whatever their illness and pain or if they were possessed by demons, or were insane, or paralysed he healed them all.
25 Enormous crowds followed him wherever he went people from Galilee and the Ten Cities and Jerusalem and from all over Judea, and even from across the Jordan River.

Jesus sparked a REVIVAL of salvation, healing and deliverance. He never separated the three aspects of the revival. Jesus commanded His Church to continue on with this revival.