SHINE involves us the Church being the Church in our Community for the purpose of manifesting Christian love and care.



"S" is for SHINE

Good Christianity is not only focused on being discipled but also being the ‘salt’ and ‘light’ to the world. It’s healthy to serve, contribute and to give back to the community the love and blessings which the Lord has shown us.

What you can expect at SHINE!

image The Christian Church exists on the earth for a dual purpose. One is a place where people can discover God and be discipled in an environment that celebrates the Christian Faith. The second purpose is to be a light in the world that is reflecting the love of God.

Currently our SHINE team are involved in many areas of benevolence to the Sydney community and beyond.

Our Shine team regularly visits specific places around the Sydney metropolitan area to provide food, clothing and essential items to the homeless and less fortunate.

Shine also visits nursing homes and hospitals to provide encouragement and gifts as a way of providing support and a kind word. Shine also provides meals for people who may be going through a crisis and could do with a little love and support.

Shine also conducts missionary trips to countries sharing the Gospel and working with missionaries in furthering the cause of Christ. We have also donated finances to the construction of a children’s orphans in South East Asia. Most recently we sent 10 missionaries from our Church to Thailand to assist with the building of an orphanage.

Shine is a way to give back to the community and to shine the love of Jesus in a less confronting way by letting our actions of love be the Gospel revealed in us.