CONNECT GROUPS involve members meeting together to connect with God and others for the purpose of intimate discipleship.


"C" is for CONNECT

Our Connect Group program has been simplified to only 2 Meetings per month with all the notes to conduct the group meeting provided by Pastor Gary. Growing Christians Grow Christians.

What you can expect at our CONNECT GROUPS!

image We take pride in our CONNECT GROUPS and especially the key-leaders who run them. Each month our Senior Pastor meets with all key-leaders in our Church for a time of discipleship and mentoring.

It’s our our EMPOWERED LEADERSHIP meetings that our Connect Group Leaders are given notes specifically written by Pastor Gary Costello for the up-coming Connect Group Meetings. This way the whole Church is studying the same theme throughout the year.

Connect Groups are smaller groups of anywhere between 5 to 15 people who meet at cafes, church, homes and offices throughout the week. It’s here at a Connect Group that a larger Church becomes a smaller Church for intimate fellowship and Bible study.

Almost every week there are testimonies of how our Connect Groups have become a valuable tool in providing discipleship and a place for new friends to be made. it;s also a great opportunity for spiritual gift’s to be realised and used.

We encourage all our members who attend Awesome Church to be involved in our connect Group program as our second tier of Church membership. Mid-week meetings are an excellent way to be encouraged throughout the business of life and a way to enhance your spiritual journey with Christ.

We have Connect Groups all over Sydney but if your NEW and would like to meet our Senior Pastor you can come along to His meeting held at Awesome Church Retro Cafe on Wednesday's at 7.30pm.