The Plans I have for you!

When I think about those words, "the plans I have for you" faces from the past flood my memory. Each time this was spoken to me, it left an incredible imprint upon my soul. Some people said it for helpful reasons, with thoughts of my good in their heart, while others spoke out of meanness, with a real sense of hardness and condemnation. But in the book of Jeremiah, God spoke this statement while revealing His heart for His people. This means God, your Father, has spoken this about you and me. Think about it. He is speaking this directly to you and about you. There are divine plans and intentions for your life.



"For I know the thoughts, that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts
of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end".

Jeremiah 28:11 (KJV)


"For I know the thoughts which I entertain toward you, says Jehovah, thoughts of peace and not of trouble, to give you a hopeful future" - Spurrel


"I have not lost sight of My plans for you the Lord says, and it is your welfare I have in mind, not your undoing, for you too, I have a destiny and a hope" - Knox


"I know the plans I have in mind for you - it is Yahweh who speaks - plans for peace, not disaster, reserving a future full of hope for you" - Jerusalem Bible




It's difficult to remember the last time I read so few words that are so abundantly full of encouragement and goodness. And it is directed toward me and you. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, knit together in our mother's womb. God knows us. He knows our every heartbeat, our comings and goings and our every strength and weakness. God knows us intimately and He still loves us. He still accepts us and calls us "co-labourers" with Him.




Let's feast on this scripture. First, God is entertaining thoughts toward us. And the thoughts He has are good ones. He has had plans for us and has not lost sight of those plans. Just to hear these words is refreshing and uplifting. I am not alone. He is with me. Secondly, the thoughts and plans He is thinking are in the realm of quantitative goodness and wholeness. His thoughts are of peace - not to stir up and will trouble toward us. It is your welfare God has in mind - your long-term health and your long-term prosperity. "Long-Term" sounds so much better than "short-term" doesn't it? The Lord has called your well-being significant and made it His business to see that it is insured.




These words are a therapy to my heart, a powerful ointment to my soul. This scripture establishes two important points. The reality of the importance of personal destiny as well as a promise from God that He is an able keeper of it.

Take these words as a medicine. Ingest them and be transformed by them over and over again. As we are healed and made whole internally, we will become absolutely unwilling to ever give up in our journey until we behold the fullness of His plan and goodness.




God in His wisdom knew the plans and the thoughts He had for you. But He didn't stop there - He went ahead and made a reservation for you. As a benevolent Father, our Helper and Overseer, the Lord reserved a future for you that is full of hope, posterity and even a long line of children after you, if you so choose.


It has always been Satan's intention to discredit God, His character and His real heart for His creation, people. The enemy's job is to convert your soul to his way of thinking. Have the following thoughts ever crossed your mind?

  • God is just like other people I've met - He will abandon me sooner or later
  • God is a nice guy until you do something wrong, then He drops the banner on you
  • God is never around when I seem to need Him the most. It's like He always answers other people's prayers and meets their needs, but rarely mine


These are devilish, ungodly thoughts sent from hell to torment and terrorise us. God's Word, as we can see here, is just the opposite. It is given to comfort, nurture and break the back of the kingdom of darkness' misinformation program.


Misinformation, error and lies - yes, this is the devil's business. He is ever trying to convert the mind even as the Lord has possession of our hearts. However, the power of the Word will always drive the lies and schemes of the devil far from us.


The battleground is mostly in your mind when it comes to believing in a heavenly Father who has your best intentions at heart. Jesus is a God who cares for you and your future and He is even concerned about your wants and desires. You must get to know Him through His Spirit and His Word as He knows you and never give up your hope.


There is always hope in God. Hope is always springing eternal in God for He is The Eternal. He has reserved a future full of hope for you. So get your chin up and lift up your head.


You and I do have a choice about our future, so let's choose correctly - listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit and allowing the Word of God to be our guide. Or I know the plans I have for you... plans for peace and prosperity, to give you an expected end!


Love Gary Costello