Reaching for a Higher Level

Once we are Born-Again it’s only the start of a journey in God. He now wants to takes us to newer and higher levels. It’s much, much, more in 2004 this year and God wants to propel us to higher levels.



4 Keys in knowing how to go to new levels!



1.  You were designed to excel, have more and be influential - Genesis 1:28

  • This is the founding human prophecy to man.
  • We must do all that we can to fulfil it because it’s a command!
  • Whatever we are doing in life, God wants to take us higher.
  • Our Theme is much, much more in 2004 ( Ephesians 3:20)



2. He takes you step by step - Isaiah 28:10

  • The journey is long and your influence and anointing will grow in stages.
  • He gives you only what you can handle
  • Just as a child grows and develops so is your walk with God.



3. Along the way there will be testing - 1 Corinthians 10:13

  • I can predict a persons future by their past in God.
  • What is the track record?
  • The testing is designed to improve your character to handle the next level.
  • “peirasmos” trial or test
  • God allows it as a way of purifying us, increasing our statue & character.
  • Satan uses it as a way of enticing us into sin.
  • God always provides the necessary abilities to confront the trial and over come it.
  • React vs Response
  • React (spontaneously speak or act based on our belief system).
  • Response (is a calculated action based on a correct biblical belief system).
  • Timothy’s proven character 2 Timothy 2:19-21



4.  With new levels there are new battles - 2 Timothy 4:17-18

  • Joshua was commanded to take possession of the Promise Land.
  • We do not take possession like the world (cheating, lying & deception).
  • We take possession by praise, confession and trust!




Proverbs 4:20-27