Grace Forgives

The above scripture is probably one of the most powerful and liberating verses in the entire Holy Bible.

In Hebrews chapter 8 the Apostle Paul is explaining that the major difference between the Old and New Testament is that where the OLD had fault in that it could not forgive sins the NEW not only forgives sins but removes them away completely.



In fact verse 13 of the same chapter say's something quite shocking...

In that He says, "A new covenant," He has MADE THE FIRST OBSOLETE. Now what is becoming OBSOLETE and growing old is ready to VANISH AWAY

Notice the terminology Paul used 'obsolete' and 'vanish away'. I like what the Message translation say's...

By coming up with a new plan, a new covenant between God and his people, God put the OLD PLAN ON THE SHELF. And there it stays, GATHERING DUST

The OLD Covenant that could not offer you complete forgiveness and removal of sins is now made possible through the NEW Covenant.  JESUS CHRIST and what He accomplished on the Cross with His shed BLOOD now FORGIVES and REMOVES ALL our SINS!

Not only are our PAST sins forgiven and removed but also our PRESENT and future SINS as well. This is the AMAZING GRACE that Jesus Christ has brought to humanity.

GRACE: God's unearned and unmerited FAVOUR!

What we all earned and merited under the OLD Covenant was judgement and separation from God but under the NEW Covenant we earn and merit forgiveness, mercy and love because and ONLY because of JESUS!

All of this means ONE IMPORTANT TRUTH! You can now REST in His Presence.  No more striving, no more fear and no more condemnation!   Living under the GRACE of God is FREEDOM from fear, anxiety and torment.

When you elevate JESUS in every area of your life instead of SELF you will discover the power of GRACE and find abundant REST for your soul.

Confess this with me...

I AM THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD THROUGH CHRIST JESUS! Make that your daily confession and let the reality of the NEW Covenant become so real to you that it will attract God's GRACE in every area of your life.